Pet Simulator X Merch Code (Sep) Know More!

Reading this article will help you to know other details about this game based on Pet Simulator X Merch Code.

Are you looking for new modes and games in Roblox? Are you interested in pet simulator games? Well, this article will help you know about the Pet simulator game mode in Roblox. 

Recently a new update has been released by the Roblox game, where you can also redeem codes and earn rewards. Many people from Worldwide are interested to know about Pet Simulator X Merch Code.

What is the Pet Simulator X game? 

Pet simulator is a new game that is released in Roblox. In this game, you have to collect resources like coins and diamonds. With these coins and diamonds, you can purchase eggs. And these eggs can be hatched, and you can obtain different pets like unicorns and dragons. In this game, you will get many areas where you will have to explore and find eggs. 

You can exchange and trade your pets with other in-game players. If you have duplicates of one pet, then you can fuse those and get new ones. If you want to redeem rewards in this game, then read Pet Simulator X Merch Code below.

What is the Traveling Merch update? 

Recently a new update has been released by the game where you can redeem new rewards in your inventory. You can redeem rewards by following BigGames on Twitter. You need to follow them and then go to the game and go to the spawn island. 

There you will see a sign which you can use. You need to type your Twitter account and then click on verify button. This process will give you a permanent boost of +50% XP. 

Read the below-provided heading if you want to know all the codes to redeem rewards in your inventory. 

Pet Simulator X Merch Code

  • TripleCoins999 – Triple coin boost
  • halfamillion – redeem 10,000 diamonds
  • Plaid1234 – triple coin boost
  • Clouds – two triple coin boost
  • Underworld – redeem 12,500 diamonds.

Read the below-provided heading to redeem the rewards.

Ways to redeem codes in the Pet simulator X

Follow the below steps to redeem rewards : 

  • Open the pet simulator game
  • Click on star at the bottom of the screen and scroll down and find the exclusive shop menu
  • tap the redeem button 
  • Copy the above-provided codes 
  • Press enter, and you will receive your reward.

Above are the codes and all steps that will help you redeem rewards based on Pet Simulator X Merch Code. 


As many people around the globe wanted to know about the new update in the pet Simulator X game. And also wanted to know the codes and steps to redeem rewards. We did our research and provided you all the basic and necessary steps that you can follow and get your rewards 

If this article was helpful, then please let us know in the comment section, and please provide your feedback about our services. Hope we helped you redeem the rewards considering Pet Simulator X Merch Code

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